A Very Long Engagement

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I woke up this morning went to church and prepared myself for the Lunch Date set with my friends. what I didn't prepare for, was an explanation about my current relationship status. My friend Clare told me she kept reading my blogs, trying to find out exactly what happened, and to her bad luck, there wasn't any... ---my explanation? well, I'm not one to talk(plus, i don't like dissing people on the internet...my momma taught me better than that!)... simple right? NOT! Questions after questions after questions came bombarding in... until i decided to give up... i said I'll write a blog about it (still thinking about it)... and this isn't it... I have too much good thoughts at the moment, and I had such a wonderful day, that i wont even dare taint it in crimson... <---too dramatic? i think so too...JUST KIDDING! so, let me start from the very beginning...


I woke up this morning went to church and prepared myself for the Lunch Date set with my friends. I have been excited about this since yesterday, when i got a tweet from Clare, telling me, Ayen, my other friend is in Cebu and we are going out for lunch... I didn't even hesitate one bit ( i guess it has something to do with the fact that I haven't been out and about for a long time...and) because I miss my friends very much... I haven't seen Ayen since March, and Clare? well, we see each other in school, and the longest sentence we said to each other was, "Good Luck for the Board..." as my poor memory recalls...

and so, at exactly 11:00 a.m., I took a shower again (from church), had my hair did and my make-up done and was all set by 12:30 (LOL). Took a taxi to Ayala and met up with my long lost friends! And after about another 30 mins. of walking around arguing where to eat (God! I was starving), we finally decided on Don Henricos (Pizzeria)... No pizza as Ayen said... and we still ended up there...

If you don't know what it's like to have six fully grown women, who haven't seen each other for ages, as table neighbors... then, you haven't been out that much! I would strongly suggest noise reducer earphones or eat somewhere else... Believe me, you will NOT have a quiet meal.

We ordered the food (which was very important at that time) and ate it (as anyone should)... after eating (this is where food loses it's spotlight) the "chickas" ---as we call it where I'm from... begins. Like any other gatherings, you talk about how everyone's been and what they've been up to... Clare and Shahana were in med school, Ayen just graduated, Jill and I are now Registered Nurses but still unemployed...and the list goes on...

Clare shared about her fellow med student who had a problem with bad body odor... one day, while they were taking a test, Mr. B.O. passed by her desk and she swore she wanted to puke...i guess the guy knew about his Odor-y problem because he gave the excuse that his Armani ran out... --- forgive the randomness, i just wanted to share...

Anyways, we ended up staying for about 4 more hours, chatting and sharing funny experiences, memories of long and winding roads... until it was time to leave (seeing the waiter's face in the corner giving us our cue), but we didn't want to say goodbye just yet, though the lunch date was over, we wanted to hang out for a few more hours (or so i thought).

We heard about our friend's business was opening on that very day (she's only 21) logically, since she's our friend, we decided to head out to her grand opening for moral support. So, while waiting for her text to arrive, we went around the mall, window shopping and chit chatting at the same time... we went into Rustans (somewhat like Macy's or Dillards, stores that sell designer labels and all that) just for fun... we looked around the make-up section (as it is my specialty, I'd like to think), the skin care section and for some reason, we ended in the ladies' BAGS section... ---I'm sorry to cut it short, but this just needs it's own BLOG!!!

so, to make a long story short... my impulsiveness got the best of me...again! i bought a bag, that was a bit expensive for me... basing the fact on, I AM UNEMPLOYED! but, it was a good investment... and i don't regret buying it.
and so, after all the rambling about in the store of temptation, we finally got the text, and we headed off to the opening. As soon as we got there, I wanted to LMAO for Ayen's sake... the sign says it all...

the day before our lunch date, Ayen had pizza...for Lunch today... she had pizza, and for our dinner? yup! you guessed it right! PIZZA!
Now, don't get me wrong... pizza is one of my favorite food in the world... but having it for lunch, and dinner on the same day? well, i was definitely baffled. Fate was definitely playing with us today. Did i eat it, you ask? well... OF COURSE! moral support remember... and i ended up being happy anyways... the food was delicious! kudos to Stephy, it was really yummy and we're absolutely proud of her and her managing this business... Especially since Food is also one of my interests... ( I was wishing I could make something like this at the moment...)

And so, this was how my day went... Lunch Date gone mad... Lunch date/Shopping Spree/Grand Opening!

Photos: all by me



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thanks... :)

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That it is called a very fun day!
I am really willing to eat that pizza right now :D

I am linking your blog right away!

thank you thank you... keep reading you guys... i'll try to keep it as interesting as possible...

thanks for the comments...

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