Good News From Maangchi!

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Just got my good news from Maangchi today, or more likely, i just read her email. I am now featured in her website! yipee! 
When i started this Korean Food Kraze, i started searching the internet for recipes, well, if you've read my first blog, you'll know exactly what i mean... If you haven't, then you should... LOL. First 3 food i made were Jajangmyeon, ddukbokkie and Bibimbap... and i was so happy i made them, i posted a tweet thanking Maangchi for the recipe and a link to my blog about it! And guess what? she thought it was awesome and asked me if i wanted to be featured in her website... along with my fellow Korean Food Fans! I'M SOOO HAPPY! 
i mean, it might not be a big deal to anyone else, but it is to me! hehe... THANK YOU MAANGCHI! :)

here's a link to Maangchi's Avid Fans 

Thanks again Maangchi! woohoo! I'm a Korean Food Fan! Can't wait to try out more recipes! 


Meat My Friend

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I have officially entered the real world. I started work last Monday, and to celebrate my success, i took out my over marinated Bulgogi and heated up my grill! Perhaps it was too early to celebrate but, i couldn't help it... 
The meat have been marinating for almost 3 days, and since i am working now, i don't know if i could find time to make it. 
I planned to make my Grilled Bulgogi with some Kimchi Fried Rice, but then again, my life is never easy is it? I ran out of Kimchi... so i decided to just make it with some Shanghai Fried Rice, with the Chorizo and Egg, which turned out quite yummy! 
And then, i took out my grill... oh wait! WHAT GRILL??? I wanted to make the Bulgogi as authentic as i could, but couldn't buy the Korean Stove Top Grill anywhere... ---i know, my life sucks huh? but then again, I've always been smart enough to find alternatives... although, grilling it over charcoal, like we Filipinos do to kebab would've been my next choice, i think at that time, i was too lazy to find the grill bars? and burn up a pit fire. So, i ended up GRILLING? my Bulgogi on a frying pan! LOL...
The end result? 

looks yummy huh? it looks good, but tastes even better... this was the only good picture i took, the rest were blurred and the lighting sucked... probably because i was starving! Not to mention, i forgot to take a picture of the Shanghai Fried Rice... LOL... oh well, there's always next time right? 

this is the grill i was talking about! I seriously need it! I've been from Korean Store to Korean Store looking for this God-forsaken piece of kitchenware and i still can't find it... i wonder if i could order it online? hhhmmm.... definitely something to ponder about!

So what's next? Let's see... i still have to make some Pan fried Tofu, Japchae, Samgyeopsal gui and Soegogi gui, not mention i have to perfect my gyeranmalyee...
so many food, so little time... i hope i can find time to make all these next week... :) 

keep cooking everyone! :)

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