Good News From Maangchi!

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Just got my good news from Maangchi today, or more likely, i just read her email. I am now featured in her website! yipee! 
When i started this Korean Food Kraze, i started searching the internet for recipes, well, if you've read my first blog, you'll know exactly what i mean... If you haven't, then you should... LOL. First 3 food i made were Jajangmyeon, ddukbokkie and Bibimbap... and i was so happy i made them, i posted a tweet thanking Maangchi for the recipe and a link to my blog about it! And guess what? she thought it was awesome and asked me if i wanted to be featured in her website... along with my fellow Korean Food Fans! I'M SOOO HAPPY! 
i mean, it might not be a big deal to anyone else, but it is to me! hehe... THANK YOU MAANGCHI! :)

here's a link to Maangchi's Avid Fans 

Thanks again Maangchi! woohoo! I'm a Korean Food Fan! Can't wait to try out more recipes! 


I like your blog, hey do u want to link exchange? my blog is GuideToBeingaTeenager.com let me know ;) I'm actually looking for writers too.

- Charlie

That seens like fun, first time heard about.

Wanna exchange links? Thank you.

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