I'm Back...!

Posted by aBEE M. on 2/11/2011 03:32:00 AM
I've been on a 14 month hiatus without writing blogs. This is horrible... This all happened after I started my Job. Now, I know most people would say, "why not write during the weekend?" or "why not write your blogs when you get home from work?" Well, to answer that, number one, I work during weekends, which is absolutely crazy, I know. Number two, I couldn't write after work, because I was so sick of actually looking at a computer for nine whole hours, when I got home, I didn't even want to be near anything that resembles a computer! Not to mention, that I was simmering inside from talking to a lot of people who never made sense... (i.e. The Customers... I worked as a Tech Support for printers, but for which company? I'll never TELL) Now, these so-called Customers, call in, asking the stupidest questions, not to mention, some of them are already screaming the first nanosecond somebody picks up. I'm glad I quit. :) Although, I would say, that I'm glad for the experience, I feel like i can do anything now. 

And so, after my very abrupt resignation last month, I browsed through all my files in my computer. I saw a couple of pictures that were dated somewhere between December of 2009 (which was the last time I wrote anything) to January 2011. These were pictures I took of the food I cooked up, saving it for my little blog, but never got the chance to write. Oh well, I have time now... :)

I'm just glad I'm back!!!

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