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Boredom does bring out the best in you. A few weeks back, i was watching Family Outing, and i saw them making rice eggs... they basically cooked rice in the egg... it is what it sounds like... 
the final product? Really adorable egg shaped rice with a subtle taste of eggs. When i made the first batch, i posted them on my facebook account, and a lot of people were fascinated. My aunt and my sister said they'll try making it, but no feed back just yet... They did ask a lot of questions regarding the procedure, so i decided to make them again and do some documentation with it... somewhat like a step-by-step procedure/instructions...and here it is:

Step 1: prepare the needed ingredients and materials: 
* 3 eggs (depends on how many you can consume)
* water
* sauce pan
* chopsticks
* uncooked rice
* bowl
* egg holder (you don't really need it, i didn't use it the first time)
* knife (with a pointy tip)

Step 2: place one egg in the egg holder. on the top part of the egg (with the peak), slowly chisel a small hole with the knife.

Step 3:  keep chiseling until the hole is big enough for the chopstick to go through.
Step 4: To drain the egg, simply insert the chopstick in the hole and repeat the process until the shell is empty (or you can leave a little bit...whatever makes you happy)

Step 5: Put in the rice. (i recommend you put in dry rice, if it's wet, you'll have a lot of trouble putting it in...) Put in about half of the egg space. don't put in too much, remember, rice expands when cooked, the egg will break if you put in too much.

Step 6: pour water in the egg... you'll know when you've put enough, it'll overflow...naturally!
Step 7: prepare the pan, fill with 2/3 water. put in the rice egg and boil like you do hard boiled eggs. Cook it in medium-medium high heat for about 20-25 mins. , or at the same amount of time you cook rice.

Step 8: Enjoy!!! 

oh yeah, what to do with the egg? i meant the egg white and yolk? you can practically do whatever you want, i usually make egg rolls with it, but if you prefer scrambled eggs, or omelets, then go right ahead... :) I had mine with some rolled eggs (takes a lot of practice, and i'm still practicing...it looks un-neat) and some oisobagi kimchi i made yesterday.

I'd like to know if you'll make some...tell me how it went and you can send me pictures. If you have any questions, leave it in the comment box and I'll answer as fast as i can! ENJOY!!!


i stumbled upon this and can't wait to try this out. if it works out for me i will send you pictures!!

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