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The first time i ever had kimchi, i barfed. i remember cursing that day quite much. i hated everything about it, the taste, the way it looked, especially the smell! But, that was about a few years ago. If you have read my previous blog, I'm recently in my Korean Kraze phase and "Kimchi" being a staple in Korean Cuisine... well, i had to give it another chance. 

I just found out recently that kimchi isn't all cabbage, i mean, there's the cabbage kimchi and there are others made of cucumber and some made of radish. I decided to make the cucumber one, the oisobagi as they called it... i picked this one because, i generally love cucumber, and i did think i was gonna like this one. So, i got my ingredients prepared, checked my Korean Cooking Bible ( and got started... 

                                                                      the end result?

My first ever home made oisobagi or stuffed cucumber kimchi... it was absolutely delicious... it was fresh, loved the juice, there was no smell, and made wonderful magic in my mouth! 
Now, if any of you ever visited Maangchi's site before, in her oisobagi recipe, she made some radish soup to go with the kimchi... and you know what? what the hell! the recipe was one of the easiest i know of, and i had all the ingredients available in my fridge, so i made some...
I LOVE MAANGCHI! She knows exactly what she's talking about! the soup was so refreshing... it was delicious...and it totally complemented the oisobagi... overall... i had one of the best meals and did i mention? this is soooo low in calories! plus! no oil...i am sooo proud of myself!

My very yummy dinner.  Some freshly made oisobagi, refreshing radish soup and i had to have my bowl of steamed rice.

photos: by me

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