"The Mommy Diaries DAY 3"

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DAY 3 - Fin!

Day 3 is finally here. Somehow, I wanted to do something productive. So, I asked the little poppet what she wanted to bake (cookies or cake), and she answered, I want the brown thing with the nuts... No idea what she meant, but after a thorough investigation of what she actually meant, we decided that it was "Brownies" she wanted to make. So, we then agreed that we'll make it after breakfast since her dad is picking her up after lunch. After another eventful breakfast of indecision, I finally made French Toast, it's easy, yummy and the fastest thing I could make, I also forgot to take a picture of it. But anyways, after breakfast, I cleared out the table and started gathering the ingredients. And like always, I couldn't find my usual chocolate bars that I use for making my brownies, so I cheated... Again. I found some Pillsbury brownie mix, where you just add an egg, water and some oil. I figured, it'll do! All she wanted to do was actually do the mixing and tell everyone she made it. And so, the baking begins...

she wanted a picture for her Facebook!
And so she mixes and mixes while I preheated the oven. And as I kept reminding her not to over mix the batter, she keeps telling me that there is no such thing as "over mixing" and she then kept mixing and mixing until I finally brought out the mini muffin tin so she can fill it up, which she then said that the mixing is quite enough.

"I wanna do it!"

Well, it ended happily enough. At least the brownies turned out quite yummy... When her dad arrived, she then pulled him through the kitchen and told him she baked some brownies to bring home to her cousins. And kept repeating the line "Ako'y ga luto ani pa!" (I baked this dad) with emphasis on the AKO (which means I) She just kept insisting it was she who made it and no one helped, which of course I supported 100%...

And so, the end has finally arrived and all I could say was, I don't think I'm ready for a kid just yet. The occasional baby-sitting I can put up with, but not just yet with forever. I wouldn't really know where to start. And so, The Mommy Diaries end, Finally!

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